Create your own ChatGPT agent, trained on your data, launch it anywhere
The easiest way to create an AI agent using your existing data.
Connect your knowledge base from anywhere.
Connect your agent to access data from different sources - Files, Websites. Stay tuned as we are expanding our data sources!
Integrate and launch wherever you need it.
We currently support website widget and web iframe. We're working on the following channels:
- Slack, Discord, Teams, Telegram, Whatsapp
- Zapier, API
- Agent profile link
Custom branding? No problem, everything is built for your business.
Use your own brand name, color, logo, and agent image. Set up a personalized welcome message, add sample questions, and guide the agent with specific prompts.

Meet the AI agent civilization.
Humanity is the only civilization on Earth, but we are building the foundation on Mars.
- Use external tools (search, browse, code and API)
- Simplify complex tasks, automate the workflows
- Multi-agent communication and collaboration

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  • Temps De Collecte:2023-08-16
  • Modèle De Prix: Free

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